for DAD, for GRAD, or just plain RAD….SIA

for DAD, for GRAD, or just plain RAD….SIA

So many reasons to celebrate! Perhaps you’d like to buy a special Father you know a great gift to celebrate Father’s Day. When I think of great Dads, my brother Adrian comes to mind, such an amazing dad to my little nephew CJ!

Or someone in your life has just graduated college (over 21 of course), like my friend Beau, who just completed his degree in Furniture Design, while working his full-time job.

Or just someone awesome (like you) that needs a bottle of SIA to celebrate an awesome moment in your life. Here are a few stores where you can SIA online today:

Ludwig’s Wine & Spirits – 6 bottles of SIA left

Beltramos’s – 5 bottles of SIA left

San Francisco Wine Trading Company – 2 bottles of SIA left

Wine Commune – 3 bottles left

East Coast:

Binny’s – 12 bottles left

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