Buy SIA Scotch Whisky Online

Thank you for your interest in purchasing a bottle of SIA online. Below is a list of ALL retailers who carry SIA and have online ordering: Merchants of Beverage San Francisco based retailer. Offers Shipping to: CA, CO, WA, NY, …
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One Good Story – Cocktail Feature by Noah S. of Elixir in San Francisco

Thank you Noah for this incredible article about your featured cocktail at Elixir in San Francisco, the “One Good Story”. Inspired by the SIA Scotch Kickstarter campaign, where SIA Scotch Whisky Founder, Carin Luna-Ostaseski, reveals the reason she loves whisky, …
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for DAD, for GRAD, or just plain RAD….SIA

So many reasons to celebrate! Perhaps you’d like to buy a special Father you know a great gift to celebrate Father’s Day. When I think of great Dads, my brother Adrian comes to mind, such an amazing dad to my …
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SmartPlanet: Getting Crafty: Small Batch Distillers Push the Alcohol Industry Envelope

“Carin Luna-Ostaseski was in her San Francisco apartment filling empty Scotch bottles with water and brown food coloring. She set the different bottles she was testing alongside classic Scotches with complicated names like Lagavulin and Laphroaig to see if they …
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The Next Women Business Magazine: Startup Diaries from the US

May 16, 2013 – How I Funded my Company with Kickstarter. Many friends and strangers have often asked me about my Kickstarter experience. They were thinking of starting one for a personal project or perhaps they were looking for advice …
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Chilled Magazine: Kickstarting Scotch

Apr 12, 2013 – “After having a love affair with Scotch for 10 years, Carin Luna-Ostaseski decided she wanted to grow her passion into a business. The idea came to her about a year ago, when she was organizing and …
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